Catalonia - tourist attractions (page 5)

markerA Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón The Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, also known as Sacred Heart Church is a temple located on top of the Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona.Built for about 60 years using stone from the Montjuïc mountain, church is known for its verticalism and having a crypt not located in a basement ... Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón - photo
markerB Joan Maragall Gardens The Joan Maragall gardens are located on the mountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona and surround the Albéniz Palace, which was built for the 1929 Universal Exposition to accommodate the Royal Family and their guests. To this day it remains a residence of the Royal Family, who visit the place whenever the... Joan Maragall Gardens - photo
markerC Montjuïc Communications Tower The Montjuïc Communications Tower ("Torre de Comunicacions de Montjuïc" in Catalan) also known as Calatrava Tower (Torre Calatrava) is a tower located on the Montjuïc Olympic Ring, designed by the prolific and versatile architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava. It was built between 1989 and 1992 fo... Montjuïc Communications Tower - photo
markerD Casa Lleó Morera Casa Lleó Morera (House of Lleó Morera) is a modernist building located at Passeig de Gràcia 35 in the Eixample district of Barcelona next to two other famous modernist buildings, Casa Amatller and Casa Batlló, which together are known as the apple of discord ("manzana de la discordia" in Spanish). ... Casa Lleó Morera - photo
markerE Maritim Museum Maritime Museum of Barcelona is an organization with more than 75 years of history. The aim of the museum is to preserve, study, and disseminate the collections of the major Mediterranean maritime heritage. The collections consist of, among others, various boats, photographs, prints, navigation tool... Maritim Museum - photo
markerF Raïm The Raïm winery (aka. Cubano) is one of the oldest bars in Barcelona. It was opened in 1886 and was a dining room of the factory that can be still seen at the end of the Siracusa street. In 2002 it was overtaken by Gabriel and Simón who gave it its actual mexican style. Currently is well known of it... Raïm - photo
markerG Golden Fish The Golden Fish is a fish-shaped headless sculpture located in the Olympic Village of Barcelona, at the foot of the Hotel Arts. It was created by Canadian Frank O. Gehry on the occasion of Summer Olympics in 1992 and consists of a very complex lattice of metal plates. Those golden metal plates shin... Golden Fish - photo
markerH Wax Museum Wax Museum in Barcelona is situated in the 19th-century neoclassical palace which was designed by the architect Elías Rogent commissioned by General de Crédito company owned by the Bank of Barcelona. A rich interior of the palace makes it a perfect location for this kind of museum, which was created... Wax Museum  - photo
markerI Golferichs' House Casa Golferichs (Golferichs House) is a modernist building located on the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, number 491, inside the Eixample district of Barcelona.It was built in 1901 by architect Joan Rubio i Bellver in what was one of his first professional assignments after the request of  Macari G... Golferichs' House - photo
markerJ Vicens House La Casa Vicens is a modernist building located in the Gracia district of Barcelona. It was the first major work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona and although it is now a private property and its interior can not be entered, it is worth visiting even if to see the outside only. Its fusion of colours and ... Vicens House - photo

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