Vicens House

La Casa Vicens is a modernist building located in the Gracia district of Barcelona. It was the first major work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona and although it is now a private property and its interior can not be entered, it is worth visiting even if to see the outside only. Its fusion of colours and angular forms, along with the materials used, earned the house the award for The Best Building in the city, granted by the City Council in 1927.

It was commissioned by the industrialist Manuel Vicens, according to various sources related to the ceramic industry, to be his second summer residence. It should be remembered that at that time the plan of Ildefonso Cerdá had not yet been executed and Gracia was still a small town that belonged to Barcelona, as well as Sarria and Sant Gervasi de Cassoles, which due to the population growth were to be annexed. Therefore, the newly graduated Gaudí was commissioned his first great work. Because of this, we can see that the construction is much less risky than in his other buildings designed later. It is focussing on a straight line and a right angle more than a curved line. The main features of the house is the usage of multitude of decorative ceramics reminiscent of oriental ornaments, the high wrought iron fence decorated with palm leaves- the work of Llorenç Matamala and the garden that surrounds it.

The walls are made of stone and brick, alternating with tiles and the roof of the building is topped with rows of tempiettos and chimneys. The whole is very oriental and angular.

La Casa Vicens is currently owned by Fabiola Jover de Herrero, and due to the urbanization of the area much of the gardens are occupied by other buildings.

Source of description: planerGO
Neighbourhood Vila de Gràcia (Gràcia)
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UNESCO 320bis
Geographical coordinates 41.4034138, 2.1507370
Address 08012 Barcelona, Carrer de les Carolines 24
Construction dates 1883 - 1888
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