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Tuixent is a village located on the southern slopes of the Sierra del Cadi, the municipality of Josa and Tuixent, in the county of Alt Urgell.

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markerA Tuixent – la Vansa Tuixent-La Vansa is a ski resort for Nordic skiing in Josa i Tuixén and la Vansa i Fórnols, Catalonia, opened in 1978. It's located in the northern face of the Port del Comte range, from l'Arp (1,830 m) to Prat Llong (2,150 m), between the municipalities of Josa i Tuixén and la Vansa i Fórn... Tuixent – la Vansa - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 42.230867, 1.566881
Approximate population: 11

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