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markerA Old Village in Pals The Old Village in Pals is a group of medieval buildingsĀ  walled in the town of Pals, Girona.The historic center of Pals has the ruins of a castle, where remains the main tower, or Tower of the Hours (Clock Tower), in Romanesque style, dating from the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. Around this t... Old Village in Pals - photo
markerB Les Basses d'en Coll Les Basses d'en Coll - photo
markerC Pals Castle The Pals Castle is the ruins of a castle dating from the ninth century and it is located in the old town or medieval village of Pals, in the province of Girona.The castle, which nowadays only has preserved the main tower, also called Tower of the Hours (also Clock Tower) is documented in 889 in a pa... Pals Castle - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 41.9667, 3.15
Approximate population: 2,799

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