Wax Museum in Barcelona is situated in the 19th-century neoclassical palace which was designed by the architect Elías Rogent commissioned by General de Crédito company owned by the Bank of Barcelona. A rich interior of the palace makes it a perfect location for this kind of museum, which was created there in 1793. The figure collection was designed by Enrique Alarcón who used his experience of working in the theatre and the cinema to create a superb scenic design. The museum is divided into several areas such as the staircase of honour, the recital hall, the courtyard of glass, the Gothic hall, and the vault from which one can observe various wax figures. In the vicinity of the courtyard, there is a magical Forest of Fairies ("Bosc de les Fades" in Catalan), a cafeteria surrounded by strange trees where one can find fairies and other extraordinary creatures.

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Neighbourhood El Gòtic (Ciutat Vella)
Price definition of price normal : 15.00 child : 9.00 (age <7) retired : 9.00 (age 65<)
Geographical coordinates 41.3772550, 2.1771502
Address 08002 Barcelona, Passatge de la Banca 7
Opening date 1973
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