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markerA Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, popularly known as MACBA, is located in the Raval district of Barcelona. It was inaugurated in 1995 in the building of the House of Charity. Its origins date back to 1959, when the art critic Alexandre Cirici Pellicer together with Cesareo Rodriguez Aguilera... Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art - photo
markerB Rambla de Catalunya La Rambla de Catalunya is a major shopping street in Barcelona. It is a three-lined street with boulevard for pedestrians in the centre and vehicular traffic on its both sides. It is located between Paseo de Gracia and Balmes Street and runs from the Plaza de Catalunya to Avenida Diagonal. Along the... Rambla de Catalunya - photo
markerC Laribal Gardens - Cat Fountain Laribal Gardens, located on the mountain of Montjuic, were created for the 1929 Universal Exposition in Barcelona. Inside these beautiful gardens you will find one of the most famous fountains in Barcelona, Font del Gat, situated in one of the most isolated corners of the mountain. Formerly, the gar... Laribal Gardens - Cat Fountain - photo
markerD Port Vell Aerial Tramway Port Vell Aerial Tramway is a cable railway that runs in Barcelona's Port Vell connecting it to the Montjuïc mountain. The cable cars start at the Miramar station, situated halfway down the hill of Montjuïc (57 m.a.s.l.), make the first stop at the peak of Jaume I Tower (107 m.a.s.l.), which adjoin ... Port Vell Aerial Tramway - photo
markerE Albéniz Palace The Albéniz Palace, also known as the Albéniz Mansion, is a palace located on the mountain of Montjuïc, just behind the National Palace, inside the Joan Maragall gardens. It was built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition to house the Spanish Royal Family during the event. However, since another residen... Albéniz Palace - photo
markerF Sant Climent Church in Coll de Nargó The Sant Climent Church is a Romanesque church from the tenth century in the village of Coll de Nargó, in Lleida.Some manuscripts mention the church in 936, although it is not possible to know exactly when it began to be built.It consists of a rectangular nave with gable roof and windows with arches... Sant Climent Church in Coll de Nargó - photo
markerG Calvet House Calvet House (La Casa Calvet) is located in a quiet area of the Eixample in Barcelona. It was designed by modernist architect Antoni Gaudi. House was built on a command of the Catalan textile factory owner. This is one of the most conservative works of the architect, probably because the building h... Calvet House - photo
markerH Montjuic Gardens The Mountain of Montjuïc is a park located in barcelona and it has a lot of different gardens, some of them on a thematic way. The most important are, Joan Brossa Gardens, in honour of the Catalan poet and whose space was formerly occupied by an amusement park, the Joan Maragall gardens, also in ho... Montjuic Gardens - photo
markerI The church of Santa Maria del Pino The church of Santa Maria del Pino, Santa Maria del Pi in Catalan, meaning St. Mary of the Pine Tree, is a Catalan Gothic church located in the city of Barcelona, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, in the Ciutat Vella (Old Town).Built during the fourteenth century, according to various documents ... The church of Santa Maria del Pino - photo
markerJ Picasso Museum The Picasso Museum in Barcelona, located in La Ribera district (Barceloneta), is a museum dedicated to the famous father of cubism, Pablo Picasso which houses more than 3,800 of his works. It is also a place where exhibitions of other works which are related to the master are staged. Inside the muse... Picasso Museum - photo

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