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Tossa de Mar [ˈtosə ðə ˈmar] is a municipality in Catalonia, Spain, located on the Costa Brava, about 103 kilometres north of Barcelona and 100 kilometres south of the French border. It is accessible through Girona Airport, some distance north. Sometime in the 12th century the mediaeval town was walled off and a castle was built on the highest point of Mt. Guardí, this castle was to be subsequently replaced by a wind mill, and this in turn by a lighthouse which is still operational. The "Vila Vella enceinte" is the only example of a fortified medieval town still standing on the Catalan coast. In 1989 Tossa de Mar was the first place in the world to the declare itself an Anti-Bullfighting City.
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markerA Camping Pola beach Camping Pola beach is a precious beach on Costa Brava, which is located 4km. from Tossa de Mar. The beach is sandy and surrounded by rocks, which are covered with pine and cork oak trees. It looks like a part of the camping site. You cannot get there in public transport, but you can leave your car o... Camping Pola beach - photo
markerB Tossa de Mar Castle Tossa Castle is a fortified medieval city part located in Tossa de Mar on Costa Brava. The construction is dating from the XII - XIV century and is currently one of the few medieval walled cities that remained in a fairly good condition on on the Catalan coast. In 1931 obtained the title of a Nation... Tossa de Mar Castle - photo
markerC Platja Gran Platja Gran - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 41.7167, 2.9333
Approximate population: 5,976

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