Monistrol de Montserrat - tourist attractions

markerA Montserrat Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain located near the city of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. It is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. The main peaks are Sant Jeroni (1,236 m), Montgrós (1, 120 m) and Miranda de les Agulles (903 m). The name of the mountain comes from the catalan words 'mont' a... Montserrat  - photo
markerB Santa Maria de Montserrat Santa Maria de Montserrat  is a Benedictine abbey located on the mountain of Montserrat, in Monistrol de Montserrat, in Catalonia, Spain. It hosts the Virgin of Montserrat, and the Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat, a publishing house, one of the oldest presses in the world still running, with... Santa Maria de Montserrat - photo

Relevant data

Geographical coordinates: 41.6167, 1.85
Approximate population: 2,903

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