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Coll de Nargó is a municipality located in Catalan Pyrenees, exactly in the province of the Alt Urgell. By 2006 its population was 618 inhabitants. The municipality includes Gavarra, Les Masies of Nargó, Montanissell, Sallent and Valldarques. Its population lives mainly from agriculture, herding and rural tourism. Coll de Nargó is located in a valley between mountains and near the river Segre and is an ideal place to enjoy pure nature. It is also known for its museum of 'Raiers', the dinosaur museum and archaeological sites.
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markerA Sant Climent Church in Coll de Nargó The Sant Climent Church is a Romanesque church from the tenth century in the village of Coll de Nargó, in Lleida.Some manuscripts mention the church in 936, although it is not possible to know exactly when it began to be built.It consists of a rectangular nave with gable roof and windows with arches... Sant Climent Church in Coll de Nargó - photo
markerB Coll Piqué Mountain The Coll Piqué Mountain, also known as 'The Needle' or 'Piqué Coll Giants' are a series of unusual rock formations located in the town of Coll de Nargó near Andorra. The mountain is famous as a meeting place for hikers and climbers especially as it is a challenge to climb their paths Besides the ... Coll Piqué Mountain - photo
markerC Dinosaur Museum of Coll de Nargó The Dinosaur Museum Nargó Coll is a museum dedicated to palaeontology located in the historic centre of the village of Coll de Nargó in Catalan pre-Pyrenees.The Museum of Coll de Nargó Hall is also known as the "KT boundary" (Sala Límite K-T). This name - the KT boundary is a geological time when... Dinosaur Museum of Coll de Nargó - photo
markerD Raiers Museum The Museum of the 'Raiers' in Coll de Nargó is a museum dedicated to the tradition of the people from this Catalan town, which is located close to Andorra. The museum dels' Raiers of Coll de Nargó is dedicated to the life and work of the 'Raiers'. A 'raier' was a man who combined his work as a lumbe... Raiers Museum - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 42.1833, 1.3167
Approximate population: 618

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