Sant Climent Church in Coll de Nargó

The Sant Climent Church is a Romanesque church from the tenth century in the village of Coll de Nargó, in Lleida.

Some manuscripts mention the church in 936, although it is not possible to know exactly when it began to be built.

It consists of a rectangular nave with gable roof and windows with arches. The bell tower has some Islamic reminiscent in some of its Horseshoe arch windows. The bell tower has two different parts, one with the Horseshoe arches and the other on the top with Lombard arches on the windows.

The Sant Climent Church was studied and restored by the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch in the 40's and it was declared National Monument in 1946.

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A jewel in the middle of the mountains This romanesque tenth century church is a beautiful building in the middle of Pyrenees. the church is pretty close to Andorra, 30km far, within a small village called Coll de Nargó, with interesting surroundings. Unfortunately the inside chapel is closed to the visitors after some vandalism acts des... rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 2011-08-08 15:48:22
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precioso paraje magnificas vistas desde el monumento romanico mas emblematico de todos los pirineos. Antiguo cementerio del pueblo. No olvides tu camara de fotos!! rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 2011-08-26 18:36:46

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Geographical coordinates 42.1718957, 1.3133683
Address 25793 Coll de Nargó, Carrer Isona 81

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