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markerA La Piazza and Covent Garden Market The Central Market, also known as Covent Garden Market, was a market with fruits and vegetables operating in London between 1830 and 1974. Later the market was rehabilitated and reorganized to serve as shopping and entertainment area. Today this place houses a variety of shops, pubs and cafes and is... La Piazza and Covent Garden Market - photo
markerB Camden Town Camden Town is a district in London situated near the Regent Park, one of the Royal Parks of London. This area is famous for being home to many extravagant street markets and the centre of an underground culture. The market is open all week long, expect for Sundays, and it is visited by the highest ... Camden Town - photo
markerC Regent Street Regent Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in the city of London. It is located very close to Oxford Street in Westminster borough.The street ends in Piccadilly Circus and was designed by architect John Nash in an urbanisation plan. The plan had the idea to reshape all the West End. Ac... Regent Street - photo
markerD Leicester Square Leicester Square is a square located in the West End of London, within the City of Wesminster, close to Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. The square is well-known for its long association with the theatrical tradition. Today, it is the heart of the West End entertainment district. It is hom... Leicester Square - photo
markerE Soho Soho is a neighbourhood in the London borough of the city of Westminster. The area is bounded by Oxford Street in the north, Regent Street in the west, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus in the south and Charing Cross Road in the east.London's Soho is known for being a multicultural neighbourhoo... Soho - photo
markerF The Mall The Mall is a road located near the centre of London in the City of Westminster. It leads to the Buckingham Palac, running from Admiralty Arch on Trafalgar Square to Victoria Memorial standing in front of the palace. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a special road used for ceremo... The Mall - photo
markerG Oxford Street Oxford Street, located in the City of Westminster in London, is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world. It runs from the Marble Arch in Hyde Park to Tottenham Court Road, intersecting with another leading commercial street of the city, Regent's Street. Walking along the street you w... Oxford Street - photo
markerH Covent Garden Covent Garden is a district of the City of Westminster in London. Formerly, this place was an industrial area with many warehouses and a fruit and vegetable market located in the central square. Today, it is a well-known shopping district and a popular tourist destination. It contains the Central Ma... Covent Garden - photo
markerI Portobello Road Portobello Road is a street in Notting Hill in Kensington and Chelsea district of London. It is well-known to be the street with the largest number of antique shops and retro curiosities and because every Saturday a Flea market is held on the street that attracts many tourists and locals.The beauty ... Portobello Road - photo

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Name City of London
Region Greater London
Country United Kingdom (GB)
Population 7,556,900 inhabitants

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