Soho is a neighbourhood in the London borough of the city of Westminster. The area is bounded by Oxford Street in the north, Regent Street in the west, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus in the south and Charing Cross Road in the east.

London's Soho is known for being a multicultural neighbourhood with lots of pubs, bars and cafes or their unique shops, as well as having the largest number of gay venues in London. It's the neighbourhood that housed for the first time the legendary Marquee Club where bands like Rolling Stones or The Who reached success.

Soho has had different kind of reputations. First it was a neighbourhood for upper classes and distinguished people who were displaced. In fact, during the first half of the nineteenth century the neighbourhood was filled with prostitution, theatres and music halls, becoming one of the quintessential bohemian neighbourhoods. From 1930 until the mid-60's, the Soho area was a meeting point for writers and artists in the pubs. Since the 60's until our days Soho has become a tourist sight where everybody can feel the essence of the past flowing around.

Within Soho we have streets as well known as Carnaby Street, a place of worship of the mod culture during the 60's or Berwick Street, famous for its fruit and vegetable market and the large number of independent music stores such as 'Vinyl Junkies' or 'Mr. Bongo's'. As a curiosity this street was the album cover (What's the Story) Morning Glory?  from Oasis. The Soho hosts also Chinatown.

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Inside of Soho you can also find: Carnaby Street ,

Neighbourhood Westminster (LONDON)
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Geographical coordinates 51.5152443, -0.1321774
Address City of London, Soho Square

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