The Mall is a road located near the centre of London in the City of Westminster.

It leads to the Buckingham Palac, running from Admiralty Arch on Trafalgar Square to Victoria Memorial standing in front of the palace. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a special road used for ceremonial occasions. Near the road there is St. James Park.

The most distinctive feature of the road is its red tarmac, which resembles the red carpet used on ceremonial and formal occasions of high rank. Although the Mall has been opened to vehicular traffic since 1887, it is closed to traffic on Sundays, public holidays, and on various ceremonial occasions. During such ceremonies it is often decorated with flags of the United Kingom and other countries taking part in the celebrations.

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Inside of The Mall you can also find: Admiralty Arch ,

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Architect definition of architect Aston Webb
Category definition of category street
Material definition of material
Neighbourhood Westminster (LONDON)
Price definition of price gratis
Geographical coordinates 51.5037130, -0.1360420
Address SW1A 1 City of London, The Mall

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