Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a district of the City of Westminster in London. Formerly, this place was an industrial area with many warehouses and a fruit and vegetable market located in the central square. Today, it is a well-known shopping district and a popular tourist destination. It contains the Central Market, a fruit and vegetable market located in the central square called La Piazza, where many street artists give the performances during the day. Covent Garden is also home to the Royal Opera House and and the Church of Saint Paul, designed by Inigo Jones. In the northern part of Covent Garden there is a junction of seven streets, called the Seven Dials, at the centre of which there is a column with six sundials. Another noteworthy site found in this area is the Neal's Yard, a small street with colourful houses and numerous shops.

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Inside of Covent Garden you can also find: La Piazza and Covent Garden Market , Royal Opera House . St Paul's Church .

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Neighbourhood Westminster (LONDON)
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Geographical coordinates 51.5116097, -0.1225153
Address WC2E 8 City of London, Covent Garden

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