Bruno Taut - biography

Who is Bruno Taut?

Born in 1880-05-04 Kaliningrad - died in 1938-12-24 Istanbul

German architect, urban planner and author active during the Weimar period. During 1924 Taut was made chief architect of GEHAG, a housing cooperative in Berlin, and was the main designer of several successful large residential developments (Gross-Siedlungen) in Berlin, notably the 1925 Horseshoe Development (Hufeisensiedlung), named for its configuration around a pond, and the 1926 Uncle Tom's Cabin Development (Onkel-Toms Hutte) in Zehlendorf, named oddly for a local restaurant and set in a thick grove of trees. Taut worked for the city architect of Berlin, Martin Wagner, on some of Berlin's Modernist Housing Estates, now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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