Carl Legien Estate

The estate was estabilished at the turn of 20s and 30s in 20th century. After the regress in social building, due to the world war I, Weimar Republic started an intense building plan. Huge amount of new housing estates was errected in that time. Carl Legien Estate was built in the sub-district of Prenzlauer Berg in the borough of Pankow, an area of the highest density developments of the mid-war settlements.

It was designed by Bruno Taut and Franz Hillinger. The estate consist of six multifamily buildings in a shape of U, four and five storeys high. They are located in the way, so that green courtyards for residents are created. The facades that are facing the street have the warm, yellow colour, to broaden optically the space of the street.

The architects were inspired by dutch estate Tusschendijken, created by J.J.P. Ouda, who was Taut's friend.
Carl Legien Estate (with 5 other modernist housing estates) was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2008.

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Geographical coordinates 52.5463890, 13.4327780
Address Berlin, Erich-Weinert-Stra├če
Construction dates 1928 - 1930
Area 8.40
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