Dom Melnikowa

Melnikow House is a building made by Konstantin Melnikov in Moscu.

The finest existing specimen of Melnikov's work is his own Krivoarbatsky Lane residence in Moscow, completed in 1927-1929, which consists of two intersecting cylindrical towers decorated with a pattern of hexagonal windows. His flow of commissions in 1926-1927 provided enough money to finance a three-story house of his dreams. At this time, many well-to-do Russians were into building their own city houses; Melnikov was one of the few who managed to retain his property after the fall of New Economic Policy. His request for land (790 square meters) had few chances to pass the district commission; to his surprise, a working class commissioner supported him, saying that "we can build public buildings anytime and anywhere, but we may never see this unusual house completed if we reject Melnikov". The city endorsed Melnikov's draft as an experimental, one-of-a-kind project.

The own house built by Konstantin Melnikov - the recognized masterpiece of architecture – is a honeycomb lattice shell made of bricks with hexahedral cells, the floors and ceilings are wooden. The similar lattice shells out of metal were patented and built by Vladimir Shukhov in 1896.

The State Museum of the Melnikovs, father and son, should be established in the House. However, the State has never taken any steps towards establishing the Museum due to the unsettled situation with the ownership rights for the whole house and the property.

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Współrzędne geograficzne 55.7480433, 37.5894220
Adres Moskwa, Кривоарбатский пер. (Krivoarbatski Pereulok) 10
Data konstrucji 1927 - 1929
Więcej informacji strona oficjalna

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