Granada - architecture

markerA Palace of Cordova The Palace of Cordova is a palace in the city of Granada in the Albaicin neighborhood, very near to the Sacromonte. The Palace is located on the banks of the river Darro and accessed through the elevation la Cuesta del Chapiz. Designed by the architect Alvarez de Toledo, was built in 1530 by order o... Palace of Cordova - photo
markerB El Bañuelo El Bañuelo is a building, declared a good of a cultural interest, located in the Carrera del Darro, Granada (Spain), containing Arab baths from the Zirid period (the eleventh century). It is located next to the river Darro in front of the Cadí Bridge. It is accessed through a small courtyard with p... El Bañuelo - photo
markerC The Palace of the Chancellery in Granada The Palace of the Chancellery is a building in the Plaza Nueva in Granada. It was built by king of Spain Charles I between 1531 and 1587 to house the Royal Chancery of Granada. It now houses the headquarters of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia. It was also declared a building of cultural i... The Palace of the Chancellery in Granada - photo
markerD Town Hall of Granada The Town Hall of Granada is the institution responsible for governing the city of Granada, Spain. It is chaired by the mayor of Granada, who since 1979 is democratically elected by general election. Town Hall of Granada - photo
markerE Casa de los Tiros Name Casa de los Tiros comes from the muskets (tiros) located between the battlements. It follows the model of the tower house which appeared in the north of Spain as residence of the warlike nobility. Because of this, it has the appearance of a fortress, hidden by the covering of the battlements an... Casa de los Tiros - photo

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Name Granada
Region Andalusia
Country Spain (ES)
Population 237,929 inhabitants