El Bañuelo is a building, declared a good of a cultural interest, located in the Carrera del Darro, Granada (Spain), containing Arab baths from the Zirid period (the eleventh century).

It is located next to the river Darro in front of the Cadí Bridge. It is accessed through a small courtyard with pool. The main room. archery has three sides, with horseshoe arches. The pillars on which are laid the arches have Romans, Visigoth and the Caliphate capitals. They were reused from the older, demolished building. The building also has two other covered rooms, an immediate access, and other behind the main. They are following the pattern of a typical Roman baths with cold-warm-hot waters. At the back of the building there is a room without a roof, which contained at the time, the boilers. All rooms have skylights, octagonal or star-shaped.

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Geographical coordinates 37.1785090, -3.5925370
Address Granada, Calle de Bañuelo 1

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