Palace of Cordova

The Palace of Cordova is a palace in the city of Granada in the Albaicin neighborhood, very near to the Sacromonte.

The Palace is located on the banks of the river Darro and accessed through the elevation la Cuesta del Chapiz. Designed by the architect Alvarez de Toledo, was built in 1530 by order of Luis Fernandez de Cordova, Granada Lieutenant Major and Commander of Villanueva de la Fuente. The palace houses the Municipal Archives since 1983 and is used on numerous occasions as a place for events and meetings. The building has a Renaissance façade with impressice atrium inside with Gothic and Mudejar coffered ceilings.

The palace is surrounded by gardens and orchards around that give the set of singular beauty.

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Geographical coordinates 37.1794645, -3.5881870
Address 18010 Granada, Cuesta del Chapiz 4
Opening date 1530

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