Casa de los Tiros

Name Casa de los Tiros comes from the muskets (tiros) located between the battlements. It follows the model of the tower house which appeared in the north of Spain as residence of the warlike nobility. Because of this, it has the appearance of a fortress, hidden by the covering of the battlements and the substitution of the hole above the door for two balconies. An allegorical decoration typical of the Renaissance and allusive to the warrior origin of the family covers the façade, similar to the one on the ceiling of the Cuadra Dorada, main room of the house. On the façade, the coat of arms of the famili stands out with the inscritpion "El corazón manda" (The heart is in command). The compound is completed with a patio and a back garden. In the nineteen-twenties, Antonio Gallego Burin later City Mayor turned it into a museum about the city of Granada.

Source of description: ayuntamiento de Granada

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Geographical coordinates 37.1746167, -3.5954442
Address 18009 Granada, Calle Pavaneras
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