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markerA Toruń Old Town Square Toruń Old Town Square - the focal point of the Old Town and the main square of Torun. Its shape is similar to a square (105 to 109 m). Old Town Square was laid out between 1252 and 1259. Assuming a two-phase formation of the Old Town, it should be noted that the current market is the second center o... Toruń Old Town Square - photo
markerB The Star House in Torun The Star Residence is a house located in Old Town Square in the polish city of Torun. The Star Residence is the best example of Baroque patrician house in Toruń together with the Dambski Palace. Its main features are its facades richly carved and decorated with vegetable ornamentation in stucco. Ma... The Star House in Torun - photo
markerC Old Town Hall in Toruń Old Town Hall - the main secular building of the Old Town of Toruń. Built in Gothic style in stages during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, rebuilt in the seventeenth century and again after the devastation of the eighteenth century. It is one of the finest examples of medieval bourgeois arc... Old Town Hall in Toruń - photo
markerD Artus Court in Toruń Artus Court in Torun's Old Town Square (number 6) was built between 1889 - 1891 and designed by the city architect Rudolph Schmidt. Style of the building is referred to as neorenesans Dutch. The facade has 3 floors, built using brick veneered with significant amount of red sandstone (ground floor, d... Artus Court in Toruń - photo
markerE Dąmbski Palace Dąmbski Palace is a palace in the polish city of Torun. It was built in 1693, owned by the local bishop Stanislaw Dambski. Nowadays houses the Academy of Art. The palace is one of the most preserved Baroque patrician residences in central and northern Europe. One of its main features is the facada... Dąmbski Palace - photo
markerF Church of St. James in Toruń Church of Sts. James in Toruń - the old parish church of the New Town of Torun, located at the eastern corner of New City Market Square. Given the need to match the existing street grid of the chancel is not strictly oriented, but directed towards the north-east. The foundation stone was laid in 130... Church of St. James in Toruń - photo
markerG Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist in Toruń Church of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, since 1935 Minor Basilica, since 1992 the Cathedral of Toruń Diocese, former main parish church of Old Town of Toruń. One of three gothic churches of the town, built from brick, an aisled hall with a monumental west tower. The first church... Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist in Toruń - photo
markerH Holy Trinity Church in Torun Holy Trinity Church in Torun - photo
markerI Toruń New Town Square New Town Square in Torun - is a central point of the New Town, laid out in 1264. It is a square-shaped square measuring about 95 × 95 m, with a frontage measuring 70 m. The sides are positioned diagonally across the main parts of the world.  Two perpendicular streets come out from each corner, which... Toruń New Town Square - photo
markerJ Palace in Poddębice Palace of Poddębice originates in the Renaissance, because was built before 1617. It is multuple storey building with a gable roof, enclosed on two sides with decorative gables. The eastern part of the building has an adjacent tower with a height of 17 meters. On the west a octagonal chapel was buil... Palace in Poddębice - photo

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