Toruń Old Town Square

Toruń Old Town Square - the focal point of the Old Town and the main square of Torun. Its shape is similar to a square (105 to 109 m). Old Town Square was laid out between 1252 and 1259. Assuming a two-phase formation of the Old Town, it should be noted that the current market is the second center of Old Town's main square. Initially the main point of the city was a square now occupied by the cathedral.

Source of description: planerGO

Inside of Toruń Old Town Square you can also find: Old Town Hall in Toruń , The Star House in Torun .

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floor tile
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Geographical coordinates 53.0100970, 18.6039260
Address Toruń, Rynek Staromiejski
Construction dates 1252 -
Length 109.00
Width 105.00

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