Rogalin Landscape Park

Rogalin Landscape Park - is a national park located in Greater Poland near Poznań city. It is known for its putatively 1000-year-old oak trees growing on the banks of the Warta River and surrounding the palace.

Rogalin Landscape Park is Europe’s largest group of monumental oak trees. Some of their trunks reach a circumference of up to 9 metres, and all those reaching over 2 metres in circumference are protected by law. Three oaks, the most impressionant ones have names, Lech, Czesc and Rus, according to the legend of the foundation of all Slavic countries. Each of them is several hundred years old.

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Inside of Rogalin Landscape Park you can also find: Palace in Rogalin ,

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Un lugar con mucho encanto Visité este precioso palacio, su museo pictórico y los tres robles centenarios (quizá incluso milenarios) el año pasado. El entorno me pareció incomparable, y además a pesar de ser agosto, quizá debido a que está a 20km de la ciudad de Poznan, no había mucha afluencia de público, lo que permitía dis... rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 2011-08-25 11:50:55

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Geographical coordinates 52.2335763, 16.9352605
Address Rogalin, Rogalin

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