Rogalin - information about the city

Rogalin is a village in western Poland, situated on the Warta river. It lies approximately 7 kilometres east of the town of Mosina, and 19 km south of the city of Poznań. Famous mainly for its over 1000 year old oak trees and a baroque palace. In Rogalin also starts the tourist route called Route Kórnicka and Poznań Cycle Ring.

Rogalin - tourist attractions

markerA Rogalin Landscape Park Rogalin Landscape Park - is a national park located in Greater Poland near Poznań city. It is known for its putatively 1000-year-old oak trees growing on the banks of the Warta River and surrounding the palace. Rogalin Landscape Park is Europe’s largest group of monumental oak trees. Some of their ... Rogalin Landscape Park - photo
markerB Palace in Rogalin Rogalin Palace (also known as the Raczynski Palace) is a monumental residence, which construction started in 1768. Already in 1774 the palace was inhabited. In 1776 stables and coach house buildings were created. A year later the chapel in the south wing was opened. The idea was to create a mansion ... Palace in Rogalin - photo

Relevant data

Geographical coordinates: 52.233333, 16.933333
Approximate population: 700

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