planerGO definitions

Useful hints warning tourists against possible dangers and difficulties.
Beware of pickpockets
There is a high risk of being robbed by a pickpocket.
Beware of pollution
Any kind of pollution (physical, chemical or biological) in water or air.
characteristic event
characteristic event that takes place each or a selected day of a week at a strictly specified time. It is usually associated with the history or legend of the place.
Dangerous people
People that might be aggressive and violent.
Dangerous place
Dangerous due to natural factors in contrary to human factor.
Different places scattered geographically
The complex has many different places to visit away one from the other in the city.
Difficult to reach
It is not easy to get there. E.g. due to big level differences, bad surface conditions, etc.
Disadvised to certain people
The tour is not recommended for children, youth and people suffering from a nervous disorder and / or cardiac problem.
Free entrance
Sights that usually costs an amount of money but for different reasons are free, for instance a museum.
Guide Required
You have to visit the place with a guide. It's not possible to visit on your own.
Hardly visible
Difficult to find.
Loudy place
You might be exposed against a very loud sound.
Not existing
The construction does not exist any more. It was destroyed either by humans or by a natural disaster.
Private Property
You can not enter inside the building.
it is recommended to to make a reservation in order to get inside
Strange opening hours
The object is closed in the moments that you would not suspect it to be.
Very crowded
In the high-season -or even during the whole year- there are too many people.
Very expensive
The price-quality relationship is unfavourable.

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