planerGO definitions

List of all types of prices available in planerGO. Below are presented some rough age ranges. Beware that almost each place has it's own range specified - displayed in brackets if known.
Normal price
is a price for an adult. Generally it is the hightest one (excluding special price
Child price
price for a child. Normally a person is considered a child until being 12 years old
Youth price
price for a young person. Normally a person is youth in age from 13 to 19 years
Student price
price for students. This normally requires to go to the university and own a student card. Should not be older than 26.
Retired price
price for a retired person, generally older than 65 years.
Disabled price
price for a disabled person, there might be specified a required percentage of disability.
Special cheap
is a kind of promotion (lower price or for free) that normally includes people of all group ages . It might require some part of membership, visiting place in a specific date, etc.
Special expensive
is a kind of a special offer that costs more giving the visitor more features or a higher standard of visit.

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