Hackesche Höfe

The Hackesche Höfe is a notable courtyard complex situated adjacent to the Hackescher Markt in the centre of Berlin. The complex consists of eight interconnected courtyards, accessed through a main arched entrance at number 40 Rosenthaler Straße.

The complex was designed in the Jugendstil (or Art Nouveau) style by August Endel, and the first courtyard is adorned with a magnificent facade of polychrome glazed brick. The construction of this project, launched in 1906, follows a pattern of clear separation between residential areas, crafts, trade and culture, which distinguishes it from the backyards of the 19th century.

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Architekt definicja architekta August Endel
Styl definicja stylu Secesja
Kategoria definicja kategorii targ
Materiał definicja materiału
Cena definicja ceny darmowe
Współrzędne geograficzne 52.5241670, 13.4022220
Adres 13127 Berlin, Rosenthaler Straße 40
Data konstrucji 1906 -
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