Zamek Pals

The Pals Castle is the ruins of a castle dating from the ninth century and it is located in the old town or medieval village of Pals, in the province of Girona.

The castle, which nowadays only has preserved the main tower, also called Tower of the Hours (also Clock Tower) is documented in 889 in a paper found in the monastery of Sant Pau de Fontclara, called as 'castell de Mont Aspre'. In 994 it becomes part of the bishopric of Girona.

The Tower of the Hours, the only well-preserved stronghold of the castle dates from the twelfth century and it consists of 7 meters in diameter and 15 meters high. At its base were found different visigothic tombs and around the tower everybody can  guess ruins that have belonged to the castle.

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Cena definicja ceny darmowe
Współrzędne geograficzne 41.9715218, 3.1443703
Adres 17256 Pals, Carrer de la Torre
Data konstrucji - 889
Wysokość 33.00

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