Pałac Królewski w Mediolanie

The Royal Palace of Milan (Palazzo Reale di Milano) was the seat of government of the Italian city of Milan for many centuries, but today is an important cultural centre, home to expositions and exhibitions. Originally designed with a system of two yards, then partially demolished to make way for the Duomo, the palace is located to the right of the facade of the cathedral in the opposite position with respect to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The facade of the building, following the line of the ancient courtyard, forming a recess with respect to Piazza del Duomo, known as the Piazzetta Reale (Small Royal square). Of particular importance is to remember the Hall of Caryatids on the first floor of the building, which occupies the site of the old theatre burned in 1776 and is the only environment survived the heavy bombing of the 1943 when he lost the neoclassical interiors. Double wire bound with the History of the city, the royal palace has ancient origins. Born with the name of 'Palazzo Vecchio Broletto' and is the seat of city government during the period of Commons in the Middle Ages.

The palace became the political centre during the ladies of the families Torriani, Visconti and Sforza, where after the construction of the Cathedral, was an important renovation, under the government of Francesco Sforza. Between the late 15th and early 16th century, with the fall of the government efforts and the French invasion, the Castello Sforzesco, which until then had received the official residence of the Dukes of Milan had become increasingly weapons more suited to a fortress than a pleasant building representation. 

In 1773 begun the reconstruction under the direction of Giuseppe Piermarini, supported by Leopold Pollack sent from Vienna to control costs and to become the pupil. turism.

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