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markerA Admiralty Arch Admiralty Arch is an office building and a monument located at The Mall, a road which serves as one of the the main access to Buckingham Palace in London.The building is located directly above The Mall and has a number of arches that allow the passage of vehicles and pedestrians through it.It was de... Admiralty Arch - photo
markerB The Monument The Monument to the Great Fire of London, popularly known as The Monument, is a monument in London which commemorates the terrible fire that devastated the city in 1666, which is known as the Great Fire of London. The areas which suffered the most in the fire were the ones around Monument Street... The Monument - photo
markerC ArcelorMittal Orbit The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a 115-metre-high (377 ft) sculpture and observation tower in the Olympic Park in Stratford, London. It is Britain's largest piece of public art, and is intended to be a permanent lasting legacy of London's hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics, assisting in the post-Olympic... ArcelorMittal Orbit - photo
markerD Marble Arch The Marble Arch is a monument made entirely of marble, located near Hyde Park in London, right next to the Speakers' Corner.The Marble Arch, built entirely of white Carrara marble by John Nash, was erected in the Mall as the main entrance to the newly rebuilt Buckingham Palace. However, during the r... Marble Arch - photo
markerE Charing Cross Charing Cross is a square in the district of Westminster in London. Very close to Trafalgar Square is famous for being the origin of all roads in the country. In the square is also the Charing Cross Railway Station, one of the biggest railway stations.In the middle of it stands a monument to Eleanor... Charing Cross - photo
markerF Victoria Memorial The Victoria Memorial is a sculpture located in front of the Buckingham Palace in London.It was dedicated to the Queen Victoria, in 1911 by George V King of Great Britain and Wilhelm II King of Germany. They were Queen Victoria's grandsons. The statue of the Queen is located directly in front of th... Victoria Memorial - photo
markerG Nelson's Column Nelson's Column is a monument located in the center of Trafalgar Square, one of the most emblematic squares in London. It was built between 1840 and 1843. It is dedicated to Admiral Nelson who died during the Battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon's army.The monument was designed by architect William ... Nelson's Column - photo

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Name City of London
Region Greater London
Country United Kingdom (GB)
Population 7,556,900 inhabitants

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