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markerA London Bridge London Bridge is a bridge across the Thames River in London. It connects the London boroughs of the City and Southwark, serving as a link to different tourist attractions such as Southwark Cathedral on its south side and the The Monument to the Great Fire of London on its north side. This bridge ... London Bridge - photo
markerB Tower Bridge The Tower Bridge is a bascule bridge over the River Thames in London, situated close to the Tower of London, the medieval fortress of the city.It was designed by the architect Sir Horace Jones in collaboration with engineer John Wolfe-Barry between 1884 and 1894. The construction of the bridge was n... Tower Bridge - photo
markerC Millenium Bridge The Millennium Bridge is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians located in the London Borough of Southwark. It crosses the River Thames, linking Bankside with the City. The bridge was designed in 2000 by Norman Foster and has a unique futuristic structure.  Due to the fact that it connects two ve... Millenium Bridge - photo
markerD Hammersmith Bridge The Hammersmith Bridge is a suspension bridge across the River Thames in London, located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The bridge, built by the engineer William Tierney Clark in 1824, is one of the oldest bridges in London. Due to heavy traffic, it had to be reconstructed in 1884 ... Hammersmith Bridge - photo

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Name City of London
Region Greater London
Country United Kingdom (GB)
Population 7,556,900 inhabitants

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