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markerA Pons Fabricius Pons Fabricius (the Fabricius' Bridge) is a bridge located in Rome, Italy. It was built in 62BC. It links an island, Insula Tiberia, situated on the Tiber river, with the main land. Its name originates from the creator of the bridge, Lucius Fabricius. He was a civil servant responsible for road inf... Pons Fabricius - photo
markerB The Milvian (or Mulvian) Bridge The Milvian (or Mulvian) Bridge, usually called the Bridge of Lovers, is located in the northern part of Rome. It is one of the oldest bridges over the Tiber. According to historians, king Maksentius suffered defeat on that bridge in the battle with the army of Constantine the Great in 312. There i... The Milvian (or Mulvian) Bridge - photo
markerC St. Angel Bridge The St. Angel Bridge is a bridge in the centre of the city of Rome, leading to the castle of St. Angel through Tiber. It was erected by order of Emperor Hadrian to link the centre of the then Rome (on the right side of Tiber) with the Mausoleum built by his order as well. It used to be an eight-spa... St. Angel Bridge - photo

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Name Rome
Region Lazio
Country Italy (IT)
Population 2,761,477 inhabitants

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