Millenium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians located in the London Borough of Southwark. It crosses the River Thames, linking Bankside with the City.

The bridge was designed in 2000 by Norman Foster and has a unique futuristic structure.  Due to the fact that it connects two very popular touritst attractions: St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Moder, it is often swarming with people.

Two days after its inauguration the bridge was closed due to a swaying motion people felt when crossing it. Therefore, the modifications to the construction were made so that the wobble was completely eliminated. The bridge reopened in 2002. It can bear up to 5000 people.

It is 370 metres long and 4 metres wide. On the Tate Modern end it branches off into two separate roads.

Source of description: planerGO

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Neighbourhood Southwark (LONDON)
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Geographical coordinates 51.5101418, -0.0984390
Address EC4V 3 City of London, Millenium Bridge
Construction dates 1996 - 2000
Opening date 2000
Length 370.00
Width 4.00

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