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markerA Dinosaur Museum of Coll de Nargó The Dinosaur Museum Nargó Coll is a museum dedicated to palaeontology located in the historic centre of the village of Coll de Nargó in Catalan pre-Pyrenees.The Museum of Coll de Nargó Hall is also known as the "KT boundary" (Sala Límite K-T). This name - the KT boundary is a geological time when... Dinosaur Museum of Coll de Nargó - photo
markerB Raiers Museum The Museum of the 'Raiers' in Coll de Nargó is a museum dedicated to the tradition of the people from this Catalan town, which is located close to Andorra. The museum dels' Raiers of Coll de Nargó is dedicated to the life and work of the 'Raiers'. A 'raier' was a man who combined his work as a lumbe... Raiers Museum - photo

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Name Coll de Nargó
Region Catalonia
Country Spain (ES)
Population 618 inhabitants