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markerA Hanging Houses of Cuenca The Casas Colgadas (translated as Hanging Houses), also known as Casas Voladas, Casas del Rey and, erroneusly, Casas Colgantes, is a complex of civil houses located in Cuenca, Spain. In the past, these kind of houses were frequent along the eastern border of the ancient city, located near the ravine... Hanging Houses of Cuenca - photo
markerB Cuenca Cathedral Cuenca Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral in the city of Cuenca in Cuenca Province in the Castile-La Mancha region of south-eastern central Spain. Exceptional expression of Gothic Anglo-Norman, begun in 1196. The wife of King Alfonso VIII, Eleanor Plantagenet of England, daughter of King Henry II Plant... Cuenca Cathedral - photo
markerC Saint Paul's Convent in Cuenca St Paul convent was built in the 16th century by command of the canon priest Juan del Pozo, a monk belonging to the Dominican Order. Brothers Juan and Pedro de Alviz were in charge of the building project; Pedro worked on the convent and the cloister and Juan on the church. The church was finished ... Saint Paul's Convent in Cuenca - photo
markerD Bishop's Palace in Cuenca The Bishop's Palace is a building located in Cuenca, Spain. It hosts the Diocese's Museum, which has a remarkable collection of religious art. It can be easily accessed from the Cathedral. The rooms where the collection is shown were remodeled by architect Fernando Barja Noguerol, and Gustavo Torne... Bishop's Palace in Cuenca - photo
markerE Mangana Tower Mangana Tower is a building located in the city of Cuenca, in Spain. Origins of the Mangana Tower remain unclear. In 1565 it was painted by Antoon van den Wijngaerde, which indicates that at that time Mangana had already been built up, and after the attacks by French soldiers during the Spanish War ... Mangana Tower - photo
markerF Cuenca's Town Hall The Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) is a building in baroque style built up during the ruling period of king Charles III and supported over three roman arches. It was finished in 1762, as it can be read on the façade. The central arch is the only one giving access to vehicles to Plaza Mayor. Cuenca's Town Hall - photo
markerG Cuenca Province Council The Provincial Council's seat (Diputación provincial de Cuenca) is a building with 2 floors built at the beginning of the 20th century according to a project conceived by provincial architect Rafael Alfaro. The Cuenca shield at the façade is made of Carrara marble. Cuenca Province Council - photo

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Name Cuenca
Region Castile-La Mancha
Country Spain (ES)
Population 57,032 inhabitants

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