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markerA Croatian National Bank The Croatian National Bank (Hrvatska narodna banka or HNB ) is the central bank of the Republic of Croatia. HNB was established by the Constitution of Croatia which was passed by the Croatian Parliament on 21 December 1990. Its main responsibilities are maintaining the stability of the national curr... Croatian National Bank - photo
markerB Zagreb Central Station Zagreb Central Station (Zagrebački Glavni kolodvor) is the principal railway station in Zagreb and the largest in Croatia. It is located on King Tomislav Square in the centre of Zagreb. The construction of the building was started in 1890 and was officially opened in 1892. The project was overseen ... Zagreb Central Station - photo
markerC Mimara Museum The Mimara Museum is an art museum in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. It is situated at the Roosevelt Square, housing the collection by Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara. Its full official name is the "Art Collection of Ante and Wiltrud Topić Mimara". Of the total of 3,700 varied works of art, more than 1,... Mimara Museum - photo
markerD Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, HAZU) is the national academy of Croatia. It was founded in 1866 as the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts (Jugoslavenska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, JAZU), and was known by that name for most of its existen... Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts - photo
markerE Zagreb Cathedral Zagreb Cathedral is the building of the cathedral started in the 11th century (1093), although the building was razed to the ground by the Tatars in 1242. At the end of the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire invaded Bosnia and Croatia, triggering the construction of fortification walls around the cath... Zagreb Cathedral - photo
markerF Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb (Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Zagrebu), commonly referred to as HNK Zagreb, is a theatre, opera and ballet house located in Zagreb, owned and operated by the Ministry of Culture. The theatre evolved out of the first city theatre built in 1836 housed in the pre... Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb - photo

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Name Zagreb
Region Zagreb (21)
Country Croatia (HR)
Population 1,288,000 inhabitants

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