Bishop's Palace in Cuenca

The Bishop's Palace is a building located in Cuenca, Spain. It hosts the Diocese's Museum, which has a remarkable collection of religious art. It can be easily accessed from the Cathedral.

The rooms where the collection is shown were remodeled by architect Fernando Barja Noguerol, and Gustavo Torner selected the art pieces from an inventory made by some priests of the Diocese in 1977. Some of the diocese's artistic patrimony was lost during the Peninsular War, the confiscation of ecclesiastical property by Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, and the Spanish Civil War.

Masterpieces like The Byzantine Diptych (book-like silver work whose origin is dated around 1370, containing saints' relics), paintings by El Greco, and handcrafted carpets from Cuenca's school, can be seen at the museum.

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Geographical coordinates 40.0782718, -2.1295822
Address 16001 Cuenca, Calle Obispo Valero 4

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