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markerA Sigismund Bell The Royal Sigismund Bell (Królewski Dzwon Zygmunt or Dzwon Zygmunta) is the largest of the five bells hanging in the Sigismund Tower of the Wawel Cathedral in the Polish city of Kraków. It was cast in 1520 by Hans Behem and named after its patron, Sigismund I, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithua... Sigismund Bell - photo
markerB Dragon's Den Dragon's Den (Smocza Jama) is a limestone cave in the Wawel Hill in Kraków. Owing to its location in the heart of the former Polish capital and its connection to the legendary Wawel Dragon, it is the best known cave in Poland. Dragon's Den - photo
markerC Garden of Experiences in Cracow The Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences in Cracow, Poland, is an an open-air educational section of the Park Lotników Polskich (Polish Pilots Park) spreading across six hectares between the old town and Nowa Huta district. It comprises of almost 60 interactive installations demonstrating phenomena i... Garden of Experiences in Cracow - photo

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Name Cracow
Region Lesser Poland
Country Poland (PL)
Population 754,854 inhabitants