Garden of Experiences in Cracow

The Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences in Cracow, Poland, is an an open-air educational section of the Park Lotników Polskich (Polish Pilots Park) spreading across six hectares between the old town and Nowa Huta district. It comprises of almost 60 interactive installations demonstrating phenomena in the world of acustics, optics, and mechanics.

It was designed by the renowned Polish architectural firm, Ingarden&Ewy, and inspired by similar venues in Nuremberg (Erfahrungsfeld zur Entfaltung der Sinne) or Paris (Parc de la Villette). Also, it was created as a result of the city of Cracow implementing the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme and the project was carried out by the Partnership of Initiatives for Nowa Huta. The exhibition is now administered by the Museum of Municipal Engineering.

Source of description: planerGO

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Style definitin of style Modern Architecture
Category definition of category other
Material definition of material
Price definition of price normal : 8.00 child : 0.00 (age <7) youth : 5.50 (age 7<) student : 5.50 (age <26) retired : 5.50 (age 65<)
Geographical coordinates 50.0683780, 19.9970480
Address 31-530 Cracow, Aleja Pokoju Park Lotników Polskich
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