Sigismund Bell

The Royal Sigismund Bell (Królewski Dzwon Zygmunt or Dzwon Zygmunta) is the largest of the five bells hanging in the Sigismund Tower of the Wawel Cathedral in the Polish city of Kraków. It was cast in 1520 by Hans Behem and named after its patron, Sigismund I, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, who commissioned it. The bell weighs almost 13 tonnes (28 thousand pounds) and requires 12 bell-ringers to swing it. It tolls on special occasions, mostly religious and national holidays, and is regarded as one of Poland's national symbols.

The bell regularly tolls on major Catholic holidays; Polish national holidays; and feast days of the patron saints of the bell, the cathedral, Kraków or all Poland. It also tolls on other special occasions at the discretion of the archbishop of Kraków.

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Geographical coordinates 50.0545112, 19.9360576
Address 31-000 Cracow, Wawel 5

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