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markerA New Zoo in Poznań New Zoo in Poznań - located in the eastern part of Poznan has an area of 117 hectares (making it the second largest zoo in Poland). It is a reachly shaped valley area with many artificial ponds with a total area of ​​16 hectares. Inside you can also  find a historic Fort III of Prussia from 18... New Zoo in Poznań - photo
markerB Collegium Altum w Poznaniu Collegium Altum is a skyscraper belonging to the University of Economics, located at street Insurgents Wielkopolskich 16 in Poznan. Built in the years 1979 - 1991 according to the design from year 1976 done by Lech Sternal, Witold Milewski and Zygmunt Skupniewicz for the purpose of the library of t... Collegium Altum w Poznaniu - photo
markerC Poznań International Fair The Poznań International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie) is the biggest industrial fair in Poland. It is held on the Poznań fairground in Poland. Poznań International Fair is located in the centre of the city opposite the main railway station - Poznań Główny, in the centre of Poland and in th... Poznań International Fair - photo

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Name Poznań
Region Greater Poland
Country Poland (PL)
Population 556,022 inhabitants

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