New Zoo in Poznań

New Zoo in Poznań - located in the eastern part of Poznan has an area of 117 hectares (making it the second largest zoo in Poland). It is a reachly shaped valley area with many artificial ponds with a total area of ​​16 hectares. Inside you can also  find a historic Fort III of Prussia from 1881, which is part of the outer ring of Poznań fortifications.

Over the large area of ​​the garden you can travel either on foot or tractor-trailer-style train called "Zwierzynka". In 2010, the cable has been replaced recently purchased three depots of typical tourist-park train. Each train consists of two locomotives and wagons, in one of them are in place (range) for the disabled and prams. After starting three new sets of "Zwierzynka" was eliminated. To tge garden you can get by a cable car "Maltanka" (narrow-gauge track with a width of 600 mm).

Already before World War I, it turned out that the location of the Old Zoo prevented its further development. The final decision to build the New Zoo on Malta was taken in 1964. New Zoo was opened to visitors in 1974. The first inhabitants are: the former European red deer, fallow deer, camels, llamas and their wild ancestors - gwanako. In 2008, few elephants were transfered. They live on three floors on an area of ​​3500 m². Since March 10, 2009 two males (Ninio - born. 30.09.1999, and Yzik - born. 06.05.2004 r.) were imported from a zoo in Hungary. In 2009 both joined also a 22-year-old elephant Linda (20 August with Beekse Bergen, Netherlands), King and Kizi (22 November from Chorzów).

Poznan elephant is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe.
Gardens belong to the prestigious European Association of Zoos.

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Geographical coordinates 52.4002780, 16.9947220
Address Poznań, Wiankowa
Opening date 1974
Area 117.00
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