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markerA Church of Sts. Nicholas in Prague Church of Sts. Nicholas - baroque church in Prague in Lesser Town,on the Malá Strana Market. Church of Sts. Nicholas in Prague - photo
markerB Hradčany Hradčany ([ˈɦrat͡ʃanɪ]), the Castle District, is the district of the city of Prague, Czech Republic, surrounding the Prague Castle. The castle is said to be the biggest castle in the world at about 570 meters in length and an average of about 130 meters wide. Its history stretches back to the 9th ce... Hradčany - photo
markerC Malá Strana Malá Strana is a district of the city of Prague, Czech Republic, and one of its most historic regions. The name translated into English literally means "Little Side", though it is frequently referred to as "Lesser Town", "Lesser Quarter", or "Lesser Side". This name derives from its position on the ... 				Malá Strana			 - photo
markerD Josefov Josefov (Jewish quarter) is a town quarter and the smallest cadastral area of Prague, today Czech Republic, formerly the Jewish ghetto of the town. It is completely surrounded by Old Town. The quarter is often represented by the flag of Prague's Jewish community, a yellow Magen David ( Star of David... 				Josefov			 - photo
markerE Old Town Square (Prague) Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) is a historic square in the Old Town quarter of Prague in the Czech Republic. Located between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge, Prague's Old Town Square is often bursting at the seams with tourists in the summer. Featuring various architectural styles i... Old Town Square (Prague) - photo
markerF Old Town Hall in Prague Old Town Hall in Prague (Staroměstská radnice) - the former seat of the municipal authorities of Prague located at the Old Town Square. The existing town hall today was built gradually, starting from 1338, when town councilors took the corner of the Old Town tenement (today it is part of the town h... Old Town Hall in Prague - photo
markerG New Town Hall in Prague The New Town Hall (Novoměstská radnice) is the administrative centre of Prague's (medieval) New Town Quarter, or "Nové Město". In 1419 it was the site of the first of the three defenestrations of Prague. New Town Hall in Prague - photo
markerH Žižkov Žižkov is a cadastral district of Prague, Czech Republic. Most of Žižkov lies in the municipal and administrative district of Prague 3, except for very small parts which are in Prague 8 and Prague 10. Prior to 1922, Žižkov was an independent city. The district is named after Hussite military leader... Žižkov - photo

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Name Prague
Region Prague
Country Czech Republic (CZ)
Population 1,251,072 inhabitants