El Born (Barrio de La Ribera)

El Barrio del Born, the official name is Barrio de la Ribera is a district of Barcelona. It is located near to the Port Vell and the Barrio Gótico, in the Ciutat Vella. In fact this is a separate part between the Paseo del Born, Born market and the Church of Santa Maria del Mar.

Due to the proximity of the sea, between the 13th and the 15th centuries, el Born was considered a port district because big part of the inhabitants was fishermen or employed in the port. It was also regarded as the economic center of Barcelona, which confirms the fact that for several decades of the 20th century there was the largest market in the city (until Mercabarny market was opened). 
Nowadays, el Born seems to be more popular than ever, not only among the tourist but also citizens. In the district are opened plenty of boutiques and clothing stores known all over the world. An additional attraction is the various offers of the dining and entertaining services in el Born. Among many restaurants, everybody will find something satisfying that is the reason why now the district is one of the most popular places for dinner. Also here are numerous cafes, pubs and discos so everyone can find the best way for him to spend free time.

In el Born are such monuments like: Church Santa Maria del Mar, the Picasso Museum, Fossar de les Moreres and Llotja de Mar. You should visit el Born on your own if you want to discover and appreciate the value of cultural and artistic heritage of this place.

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Inside of El Born (Barrio de La Ribera) you can also find: Born Market ,

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Neighbourhood La Ribera (Ciutat Vella)
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Geographical coordinates 41.3847195, 2.1828721
Address 08003 Barcelona, Passeig del Born
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