Espace Dalí

The Espace Dalí is a permanent exhibition in France devoted to Salvador Dalí and more particularly to his sculptures and engravings.

The museum, near the Place du Tertre in Montmartre, has around 300 original artworks. The Espace Dalí is France's biggest collection of Dalinian sculptures, which represent a significant aspect of the artistic creation of Dalí. The collection reveals three dimensional realizations of his known surrealistic paintings. Sculptures such as the Space Elephant or Alice in Wonderland are obviously presented but the visitor can also see other aspects of the Dalí, for example, Moses and monotheism, Memories of Surrealism, Don Quixote, etc. Music plays in the background and there are creative workshops for children to give them the opportunity to get familiarized with Dalí’s work. An art gallery is adjacent to the museum. There are two galaries: the Galerie Dalí which presents a selection of some of the artist’s works (sculptures, engravings and lithographs), and the Galerie Montmartre which shows several contemporary artists.

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