Es Baluard

Es Baluard is the museum of modern and contemporary art of Palma, Majorca, Spain. Founded on 30 January 2004, Es Baluard exhibits an important collection of contemporary art, of Balearic artists or made by those related somehow to the Balearic Islands. In addition of showing the pieces that form the museum's permanent collection, Es Baluard celebrates temporary exhibitions.

Since its foundation, Es Baluard has hosted works of Rebecca Horn (2004), Fabrizio Plessi (2004), Picasso (2006), Jaume Plensa (2006), Andy Warhol (2006), Joan Miró (2006 y 2008), Santiago Rusiñol (2007), Anselm Kiefer (2009), Robert Mapplethorpe (2009) and Joana Vasconcelos (2009), Juan Uslé (2010), Alberto García-Alix (2010), Eduardo Arroyo (2011) and Christian Boltanski (2011), among others. Fundació Es Baluard administers the museum.

The foundation is formed by Govern de les Illes Balears (the Balearic Government), Consell de Mallorca (Mallorca Council), Ajuntament de Palma (Palma Municipal Council) and Fundació d’Art Serra. In 2008 was constituted the Acquisitions Commission, which is formed by internal and external experts with the aim of increasing the collection. Museum Es Baluard is in a privileged place, the old bastion of Sant Pere, a 16th century building on Palma's bay and designed by the italian engineer Giovan Giacomo Palearo Fratin ‘El Fratín’.

The Museum area is 5.027 square meters, half of them for exhibition. Architects Jaime and Luís García Ruiz, Ángel Sánchez-Cantalejo and Vicente Tomás are the enlargement's authors. Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma's collection includes works by the major artists and movements that have converged and are converging in the Balearic Islands since the inception of the twentieth century until today and relates them to works from other artistic contexts in Spain and abroad.

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