Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park is a botanical garden and aviary on the island of Gran Canaria, one of the Canary islands, which are a part of Spain.

The subtropical park is situated in the south of the island, about 10 kilometres north of the tourist beaches and dunes of Maspalomas, but towards the interior. The park lies in a countryside setting, in the midst of mountains. Because of this park visitors have the opportunity in many places of beautiful views and vistas when walking through the park. There is a small terrace near a fountain, along a path that leads up to the amphitheater where flying birds of prey perform in shows. Next to the amphitheater there is a snack bar, and a small cafeteria can be found elsewhere in the park. A striking feature of the park is the great wealth of cacti and succulents—the succulents being in excellent condition.

There are over 160 different cactus types and 1000 palm trees of 42 different types. Parrot -like birds are well represented in the park, but other types of birds are also to be found, including a variety of swans and ducks. In all there are over 1,500 exotic birds of 230 different species. Many of these fly freely in the park. Crazy Delores, an insane parrot, is the most famous resident. Additionally there are monkeys, crocodiles, an orchid house, an aquarium with fish and coral displays, and Europe's largest butterfly house. Near the exit behind the souvenir shop, one can admire hummingbirds that fly very visibly in front of their food.

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