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Carlsberg is an area straddling the border of Valby and Vesterbro districts in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the former industrial site of the Carlsberg Breweries, which decommissioned their Valby brewery at the end of 2008, concentrating their production of beer in Denmark at their other Danish brewery in Fredericia.

The area is dominated by numerous historic and restored 19th and early 20th century buildings, many of which have lavish ornamentations, as well as two historic gardens. The buildings have served a wide array of original functions, some of which are not immediately associated with the production of beer. These include a lighthouse, stables, Italianate villas and a museum.

In search of better water supplies and more space, J. C. Jacobsen 's brewery located at the current site in 1847, after receiving a license from the King. Construction of the new brewery starts in January and the first batch of beer is brewed on 10 November 1847. Carlsberg's main building, today known as the Carlsberg Academy is inaugurated in 1853, In 1857 the brewery is devastated by a fire but the buildings are rebuilt the same year. In 1870 the brewery is extended with an annexed brewery, which is leased by J. C. Jacobsen's son Carl Jacobsen after disagreements with his father.

In 1876, J. C. Jacobsen establishes the Carlsberg Foundation and the Carlsberg Laboratory. In 1880 J. C. Jacobsen terminates his son's lease and Carl founds his own brewery on a neighbouring premises. With his father's concent he names it Ny Carlsberg (New Carlsberg), while Carlsberg's name is changed to Gammel Carlsberg (Old Carlsberg). In 1887 J. C. Jacobsen dies and his Carlsberg Foundation bequeaths his brewery. Over the next decades, the Carlsberg Breweries are continuously extended with new buildings. In 1992 the Dipylon building is added, in 1987 the Carlsberg Laboratory building and in 1901 the destinctive Elephant Gate as well as the Ny Carlsberg Brew House.

In 1902, Carl Jacobsen founds the Ny Carlsberg Foundation as a subsidy under the Carlsberg Foundation and the two Carlsberg hereby get the same owner, that of the Carlsberg Foundation. The breweries built a joint tapping plant in 1903 and in 1906 they are formally merged under the name Carlsberg Breweries. Carl Jacobsen heads the breweries as well as the foundation until his death in 1914. 

In July 2006 Carlsberg decided to decommission the brewery in Valby and concentrate the brewery's production activities in Denmark at their other brewery, located in Fredericia. Only the headquarters and the small specialty brewery Jacobsen would remain at the historical site in Valby.

After the decision was made to close the brewery, plans were launched to redevelop the area into a new district. A master plan for the area draws on inspiration from classical, dense city centers with short, winding streets, passageways and small squares. It will also feature ten slim towers. The planned district will aim at sustainability and an active urban life. The plan won the master planning category at the 2009 World Architecture Festival.

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