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markerA Książ Książ (German: Schloss Fürstenstein) is a castle in Silesia, Poland in Wałbrzych. It was built in 1288-1292 under Bolko I the Strict. It lies within a protected area called Książ Landscape Park. The original fortification was destroyed in the year 1263 by Ottokar II of Bohemia. Bolko I, Duke of Świ... Książ - photo
markerB Mirów Castle Mirów Castle (Zamek w Mirowie) is a 14th century castle, now ruined, located in the Mirów village, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. It changed owners multiple times, and was finally abandoned in 1787. Mirów Castle - photo
markerC Ballestrem Palace in Pławniowice Ballestrem Palace in Pławniowice - photo
markerD Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw The Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw, Poland, (Stadion Miejski we Wrocławiu) is the highest fourth category football (soccer) stadium built for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. The Stadium is located on aleja Śląska in the western part of the city (Pilczyce district). It is the home stadium... Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw - photo
markerE Church of st. Martin in Wroclaw Church of Sts. Martin in Wroclaw is a small Gothic church located in the western part of Wroclaw Cathedral Island. It is one of the oldest existing church buildings in Wroclaw (the only older is Church of Sts. Giles). The present church Martin is the only building that remained from buildings of th... Church of st. Martin in Wroclaw - photo
markerF Wrocław Fountain The Wrocław Fountain or Wrocław Multimedia Fountain (Wrocławska Fontanna) is a multimedia fountain located within in the Pergola next to Centennial Hall in Wrocław. The one-hectare fountain incorporates about 300 jets to create a screen of water for animation display. There are also 800 lights. When... Wrocław Fountain - photo
markerG Monopol Hotel in Wrocław Monopol Hotel in Wrocław at Helena Modrzejewska street, Wrocław, was built in 1892 in Art Nouveau in place of church's graveyard (in 1817 transformed into the arrest, and later in 1852 moved to Podwale). Square left by the arrest was bought near end of 19th century for 600 000 marks by Wrocław 's Je... Monopol Hotel in Wrocław - photo
markerH National Museum in Wrocław National Museum in Wrocław is one of the major museums in Wroclaw, continuing the tradition of German museums, existing in the city since the nineteenth century. Museum collections include mainly painting and sculpture, with particular emphasis on art of Silesia. National Museum in Wrocław - photo
markerI Old Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw The Old Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw is located in the south east part of Wroclaw, Poland, currently along Ślężna street. The first burial took place on 17 November 1856 which back then was a village of Gabitz. The current shape of the cemetery evolved mostly during 19th century - the cemetery area wa... Old Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw - photo
markerJ Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew in Wroclaw Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew in Wroclaw - Gothic church on Cathedral Island located in the immediate vicinity of the former castle of Silesian Piasts. Collegiate Church was founded by Prince Henry Probus as a vote at the end of his long-term politico-ecclesiastical dispute... Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew in Wroclaw - photo

Lower Silesian - Tourist attractions